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Sailing in Style

The Savarona isn't just a ship, but rather a floating gallery of art and antiques. As soon as you board the ship, you realize that its restoration and embellishment were a labor of love on the part of Mr. Sadikoglu and his wife Julide. Everywhere you look you see antique furniture, ornate gilded mirrors, authentic kilims (some as much as 100 years old), bronze statues and an outstanding collection of paintings and prints by contemporary Turkish artists. In the Bosphorus Lounge for example, there are two remarkably handsome large abstract paintings by Bilge Alkor. The décor, in general, flawlessly combines the classical with the modern. The Savarona is also the only ship on which you can sit at Louis Quinze table and read a book from Ataturk's private library. When you board the Savarona, expect the exceptional.

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