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A Sea-going Legend

The Savarona remains the largest private, historic yacht in the world. She presents her distinguished guests with spacious decks from which they can fully appreciate World's natural beauty and historic sites. The Savarona is 136 meters long (446 feet) and has 3,600 square meters (38,735 square feet) of open space. The sun deck alone measures 550 square meters (5,920 square feet). In addition, there is a 300 square meter (3,230 square foot) covered deck with an open dining area. Since the Savarona carries a maximum of 34 passengers, it isn't hard to find all the privacy and seclusion you might need.

The Savarona is particularly well equipped for tough ocean-going conditions. If need be, the ship can sail non-stop from Türkiye to Miami. Her maximum speed is 18 knots and her cruising speed is 16 knots. Thanks to her highly qualified crew and advanced technical specifications, passengers can relax in the knowledge that a safe voyage lies ahead of them.

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