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Antalya - Aspendos - Perge - Phaselis

We now sail on, rounding the great Chelidonian Cape before arriving at the Lycian city of Phaselis. Its ruins stand on a beautiful forested promontory surrounded by three harbors. The site is traversed by a splendid paved street that ends at the heavily ruined, but richly decorated Gate of Hadrian. Among the other monuments we will see are a well-preserved theater, two agoras, and an extensive necropolis, set amid pines at the water's edge.

Antalya is one of the largest and most sophisticated towns on Türkiye's Mediterranean Coast. Its delightful old quarter, Kaleiçi, is a model of conservation and restoration, and is ringed by ancient fortifications. Antalya is also a city of palm-shaded boulevards, parks, and waterfalls.

Our next stop, Perge, is only a few miles to the east of Antalya and was one of the wealthiest cities of the region known as Pamphylia. As a result, its architecture is of exceptional splendor and includes an elegant agora, a colonnaded street with a water channel, a bath with mosaic floors, a stadium and a richly decorated theater.

Aspendos is famous for its theater, which is one of the best-preserved in the entire Roman world. It is still used for concerts and operas. Unusually, its stage-building still stands to its full height. Behind the theater, on the summit of the hill is a monumental acropolis, with a public fountain or nymphaion, and an impressive

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